Janey Briscoe Center for Cardiovascular Research
Fluoroscope or C-arm CORE

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to give support to research procedures requiring live X-ray and sequence images, through C-Arm imaging.


The C-Arm, or Flouroscope, used in medical settings is a highly complex piece of equipment using X-rays to produce “live” image feed, typically displayed on a TV or computer monitor. The overall system consists of a lower x-ray dose to the patient, resulting from a magnification of the intensity produced by the output image that enables the viewer to easily see the structure of the object being examined.


This imaging system is used in most radiology departments as “screening rooms.” The types of investigations for which this machine can be used is vast. Examples include:

  • Barium Studies (Swallows, Meals, Enemas)
  • Endoscopy Studies (ERCP)
  • Fertility Studies (HSG)
  • Angiography Studies (Peripheral, Central, Cerebral)
  • Therapeutic Studies (Line placements, Transjugular Biopsies, TIPS stent, Embolisations)
  • Cardiac Studies (PTCA)

Smaller in design than a fixed image intensifier, mobile screening units are becoming more and more powerful. This has enabled more advanced and technical procedures to be carried out in confined locations. In a hospital setting there a multiple used for this type of imaging. Example include:

  • Orthopedic Imaging (DHS, ORIF’s, MUA’s)
  • Neurological Imaging
  • Endovascular Imaging (EVAR)
  • Therapeutic Procedures (Pain clinic)

Technical Capabilities

Equipment: Siemens Avantis C-arm

  • FDA regulated
  • Still frame and live imaging
  • Digital Cine Mode (DCM)
  • Subtraction Images and DCM
  • White-Bone Image Capability

Janey Briscoe Research Center Contact Information:

Dr. G. Patricia Escobar
(210) 567-4643