GeriatricsClinical Services

The Clinical Geriatrics Program provides primary care and consultative geriatric services, including comprehensive medical evaluation and treatment, for older adults in San Antonio and throughout South Texas. Our primary goal is to enhance the lives and extend the independence of older people and their family members.

New Patient Appointments

We would like to have a telephone discussion or e-mail communications with you about your needs before your first appointment. We will explain our services and the amount of time needed for us to provide them. Appointments can be made by calling (210) 450-9100 Monday through Friday during regular office hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 pm.

What to bring to your appointment
  1. Medical Records
    Before your appointment, please obtain copies of your medical records and, if possible, mail them to your Geriatrician at:

    UT Medicine Geriatrics Clinic
    Medical Arts and Research Center
    8300 Floyd Curl Drive
    San Antonio, TX 78229

    This will enable us to review your records before seeing you. If you cannot send medical records before your appointment, please bring them with you.

  2. Medications
    Please bring all of your medications with you. Although lists can be useful, we ask that you bring your actual medications with you to each visit. Bring all medications, including prescription medications in their bottles, as well as any vitamins, over-the-counter or herbal medications you take.

What to expect the first visit

During the first one hour visit, we will discuss your medical problems and how they affect your life and family. We will review your past care and discuss your expectations and preferences for care in the future. This visit typically takes one hour. Your family members and caregivers are welcome to join you. We generally do not order laboratory tests on the first visit. Unless you are seriously ill, we will review records, take a patient history and perform a physical examination first.

What to expect the second visit

Your evaluation continues with a one-hour examination. During this visit, we will evaluate your hearing, vision and mobility. We will also assess your memory and screen for depression. Although the doctor conducts the evaluations, a nurse may administer some of the assessments and provide patient and family education services.

Insurance Coverage

UT Medicine San Antonio accepts Medicare assignment and any co-insurance coverage. If you belong to a Medicare HMO plan in which we do not participate, you must change to regular fee-for-service Medicare. This process usually takes 30 days. If you do not dis-enroll from your HMO before you see us, you will be responsible for all charges.

Getting to Your First Appointment

Our clinic is located on the first floor of the new Medical Arts and Research Center located at 8300 Floyd Curl Drive at UTHSCSA. Please see map. Parking is located in a garage behind the building and is free for the first two hours. Patients may also enter directly through the front of the building.

Our Providers

Dr. Michael J. Lichtenstein, MD, MSc [faculty profile]

Dr. Denise R. Flinn, MD

After Hours Coverage or Urgent Care

Physicians are available 24 hours a day by calling (210) 450-9100 and asking for your Geriatrician. The doctors may be able to suggest alternate care that may save you a trip to the emergency room. We also recommend that you notify your geriatric clinic physician if you need emergency care, so that they can provide medical records and history to the medical staff.