DermatologyHistory of the Division of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery
  • In 1973, The Division of Dermatology was founded by Dr. Darl Vander Ploeg at the Brady Green Hospital in downtown San Antonio.
  • In 1975, the residency program welcomed the first resident class.
  • In 1989, Dr. Richard Devillez took over bringing an active clinical research program to the division. The development of Brevoxyl┬« gel (benzoyl peroxide) and Rogaine┬« solution (minoxidil) took place under his direction.
  • In 1998, Dr. Ronald Grimwood took over bringing an active immunoflourescence laboratory to the University.
  • In 2010, the Division of Dermatology moved and opened their new clinic at the Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC), Grossman Bldg., 3rd floor.